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April 20,2013
 Tough, Crazy, Fear-Facing Fun 
a 4-5 mile race with unique firefighter and “hero” themed obstacles,
a mile Kid's race ,
Games for the by standers 

This makes the 3rd obstacle themed race Daniel has accomplished. The first race was last year at the Tennessee Fire School which he ran with his sister Sarah and her husband Randy. The second race was for Habitat a local charity which he ran with a group of guys from the Fire Hall one of which was our friend Jon. And for this race Daniel got to run with Sarah and Jon. Two great people who have supported Daniel and his running. These races have become a family affair. It is a Great way for us to get to see and spend time with Sarah and have some fun too. For this race Amos and Carter got to run. They had a one mile course for the little guys with a few kid sized obstacles. This race was All about firefighting...... start with a stair climb then sliding down a fireman's pole, rope walls, half wooden walls, tires, creek water,hose carry, hose climb, hose walk, slide into water, water pit where you are sprayed by fire nozzles and last but not least jump over a few rows of fire. Sounds fun, right?  As most obstacle races go they have different waves or starting times to run. With the Hero Rush they have a special one that you can choose to be a part of. Daniel choose the 343 Wave for them to run in. They would be running in remembrance of the brave men and women who lost their lives on 9/11. Each racer's bib showed a fallen hero's name. It cost a little more to run in this wave but the money was matched by Hero Rush and donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. The kid race is way scaled down from the adult race, no water for them. Amos and Carter were a little bummed by that. I was happy because it was a extremely windy day and a little on the cool side. Daniel, Sarah and Jon were a little cold after running through the different water spots, luckily they were at the end of the course. So enjoy the pictures........

the starting point
the Runners
brother and sister
This the start for the 343 Wave. Daniel ran in memory of Thomas Haskell. This was the biggest group of runners.
It was great to hear this guy playing the bagpipes before Daniel and them started their wave in remembrance of the fallen Hero's
the boys showing their support for their dads
Daniel going down the pole.


Amos spraying the runners in the water pit
Jon wore a video cam as they were running.
And Sarah had a camera with her on the course but it was hard to get many pictures
almost to the end
I think they caught some air going down the slide
around the bend is more water
All the kids were ready to spray them with water.
jumping over the rows of fire
They made it!
After the race. Thanks to my mom for watching Isaiah and Laura Mae.
getting their game faces on
Amos, Daniel and Carter
Amos going down the pole. How exciting for the boys!
the last picture of them together before the end of the race
Carter climbing in and out of the noddle mess
Carter leaving them all behind
Amos all tangled up
Amos carrying fire hose
Carter almost to the finish line
Carter crossing the finish line or should I say the tire line
Amos at the finish line
So proud of these boys!

hugs and prayers~ Kim

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