Friday, May 10, 2013

Warning, Warning.......


The next few post are about when and how Daniel and I met. The reason for this blog isn't for the world to know about us but it's for our children to know us. What makes their parents and what makes them. The start, the middle, the ups and the downs, the end results. So our story is an important part of that. I want them to know the story and since I am putting it out here in blog land anyone can see it. But I know my children will always hopefully be able to read it where ever they are as well as their children and so forth.  Which can be scary. But guess what that's keeping it real. I want our children to know we are real people.
We hurt. 
We cry. 
We laugh. 
We love.
 We have fun. 
We make mistakes.
We take our beatings.
 We get right back up.
We fight for what we believe.
We work things out.
We stand for God.
 We stand together.
 We aren't perfect.
 We struggle.
 We loose our focus.
 We pray for them.
We pray for each other.
 We pray for others.
 We ask God for forgiveness.
 We ask each other for forgiveness.
 We aren't always the best.
 We Love!!! 
This is as much their story as it is ours. This is where and who they come from. And we have and will go through a lot of the same things in life and they can see how we handle ourselves. So if you want to know the story stay tuned for the next couple of posts . If not wait until Mothers Day for something besides a love story but it's another one all it's own.
~ hugs and prayers~

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