Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Crazy. Hard. Easy. Stressful. Full. Fun. Active. Struggle. Lovely. Tear filled. Laughter. Hurts. Regrets. Promises. Joy. Cheerful. Dark. Lonely. Lovely. Scary. Busy. Slow. Loss. Gain. Blessed. Love. Up. Down. Roller coaster. New. Light.

So many of these words can describe Life at our house the last few months and year. And I can add and subtract these words daily. Some days are filled with each one of them and some days maybe only one or two. But I know Life goes on. I know I have to look at each day with a new outlook or in this case a new word. I have to keep my eyes on God when I don't I go down a a spiral and then it's hard to climb back. But I know through Life I belong to a King. He feels Everyone of these words and more as I feel them. He holds and carries me through them. And if I didn't have my faith and trust in God I wouldn't have nothing. I question and get mad at God. I wonder and believe. I know these struggles in my Life can be used for His glory. And when I question and get mad, He listens and lets me choose to trust him or not. He lets me feel because he knows my heart and knows that I love Him. He gives me a verse to read, a story, someone else to put my mind on, something to do, a shoulder to cry on, a ear to listen, a person who is dealing with the same, a study to grow, He lets me choose Him. 

Diabetes at 8
Parents ups and downs
School ups and downs
Change of friendships
Becoming a Mom four different times
Child having surgery
Children starting school
Sunday school teacher
Leading Ladies devotional lunches
Home Bible Studies
Family Vacations
Birthday Parties
Meals that are prepared
Being healthy
Heart disease
Meals outside of the home
Church Family
Loss of my Daddy
Loss of my sister friend Pat 

Each one of these can be described with a word from up top. I could choose where I went with them or where to go with them. But the main ingredient in each of these words is God. He is what Life is about. He is what holds Life together.  He is where I need to keep my focus. He is what I choose. He is what keeps me going.
God = Life
at least at the Snyder house

hugs and prayers~ Kim