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Love Story Part 2

.......The Dating .......
This post is super duper lonnnnnngggggg. As most dating really is. Lucky for you it wasn't years and years. Only one years worth. So let the next part start.....

Sorry to say I can't pin point a exact day that Daniel and I officially started dating, I can say it was in the Spring of 2000 of  in the middle/end of April to the first week of May. And to be honest I'm not really sure if we said, Let's be boyfriend and girlfriend, it just happened. When I wasn't working or in class we were together. We could be found at my apartment, the Fraternity house, out eating, out bowling, at Cotten Eye Joe's, or at my work. Snyder would stop by and see me at work to say hello after mowing, getting out of class, or off work. Since I worked at the only Japanese restaurant in town and the only place that severed sushi at the time. It was always a busy place. I loved it. I started working there as a Hostess, then a server during the day, (they weren't that busy during the day and often I was the only server at that time), server at night, and sometimes I would be the bartender. I made good money. So since most people in Cookeville had never had sushi I dared Snyder one night to try it. Snyder and his friend Hotsy had stopped in to say hello. I told him if he didn't like it I would pay for it and if he did he had to pay. Pretty fare deal to me. So he told me to order him something nothing to weird though, hahaha. I ordered him a Crunchy Shrimp Roll, a California Roll, a  Spicy Crab Roll, and a Eel Roll. He pulled out the chop sticks and learned real fast to use them, he had to be authentic, ha, I still can't use them. At first he was like not to bad, then he decided he actually enjoyed it. Daniel and I still enjoy sushi now, 13 years later. My boss loved Snyder and often would give him free sushi and fried rice. That year I had to work that night for Mother's Day. I went and saw my Mom during the day. Snyder was a little bummed I couldn't join him for the evening. Since two of his brothers, Rob and stepbrother Dylan lived in Cookeville and were going to TECH they decided to come up here to eat to celebrate Mother's Day with Snyder's stepMom, Denise. So Snyder suggested GoTen for something different. Well of course no matter what time of the day you go out to eat on Mother's Day it is CRAZY at the restaurant!!! Which helped when it came time for his family (total of 12/13, it's been a while since that ate and I worked, hard to keep track who was and wasn't there) to eat. I got to sit down and talk to them for awhile and say hello. I think looking back it was good to meet them while I was working because they could be overwhelming with 9 in the family.

So then it was time for Snyder to meet my parents. I had to go home for something and told my Mom that my friend Snyder was coming in with me to eat too. Well they were excited to meet him because they knew we had been hanging out for awhile doing stuff. And I was moving on from the Ex. We went to my parents after church on a Sunday afternoon. Little did I know that my brother Jimmy would be there for the day. Jimmy had told me he would never like another guy I brought home no matter what, after what all my Ex had put me through. I told him Snyder is different you will see. Jimmy told me he didn't care. Words and actions sometimes have to eaten. We ate and sat outside and enjoyed the day. Jimmy in all his brotherly glory said something smarty pants to Snyder and I was like oh, crap he won't ever talk to me again. Before I could tell Jimmy to shut up, Snyder turned around and said something smarty pants back to him. Jimmy stood there kind of shocked and then smiled and said, You'll be alright. I let out the breath I was holding but I don't think I left them alone together to be on the safe side. I know Mom and Dad had told Jimmy to be nice and I knew Jimmy was only being protective of me. So after we left my parents, I told Snyder sorry for my brother. He said, It's okay I'd do the same for my sisters if they had been put through what you had been.

During the next week or so Snyder and I became closer. It was during this time Snyder asked me to call him by his first name, Daniel, all the time instead of Snyder. There were two other guys in the Fraternity house named Daniel and they all were called by their last names. It's a guy thing, ha. So from then on I called him Daniel. That weekend I had to go see my parents because I was getting ready to go out of town with Daniel. So I called my Mom and said I was coming in as well as Daniel. She wanted to know who this Daniel guy was and what happened to that nice guy named Snyder. I tried to explain to her but she wasn't getting it. So finally I said, well give this guy a chance I think you will like him too. Daniel and I laughed about it all the way to my parents. When we got out of the car my Dad said glad to see you again and then my Mom came out and just starred. She said, I thought you said you were bringing a guy named Daniel to eat, this is Snyder. Did you drop the other guy already. I couldn't help it I stared laughing and said Mom I'd like for you to meet Daniel Snyder, they are the same. My dad had no clue what was going on.

So it was time for his sister Sarah to graduate from Vanderbilt and his Mom, Jennifer and stepDad Marc were coming in from Michigan for it and then taking Sarah on a vacation to celebrate. Also, to be here the following weekend for his stepbrother Byran's wedding. They invited Daniel and me along so they could get to meet me. I worked the details out to get a few days off from work and off we went. We were going to meet Marc and Jennifer at Sarah's apartment in Nashville and then leave for a few days to go to Arkansas. I went by the fraternity house to pick Daniel up and get on the road, well we didn't get far until we got ran into by another car. They didn't realize we were coming because the car in the other lane was turning. Luckily Daniel was paying attention and God was guiding him because when they slammed into us they sent us toward the gas station. Yup that could have been really bad. Daniel was freaking out because he didn't know how my parents would react, afraid I was hurt and all sorts of things. I was worried he wasn't okay too. I could care less about the car (red grand dam). I was scared to call my parents and tell them what had happened, my dad was a worrier and I was afraid he would tell me I couldn't go. Yes, I was in my early 20's be I still respected my parents and listened to them. Daniel as like call your parents and see what they say, I will fully understand. So I called and as you have it they didn't answer the home phone, so I left a message and said that we had been in a wreck and it was only a small dent and we were okay. My dad had cell phone but it was used when he needed it in the mountains. So the cop told us we could go and the car was drivable so we were good. It looked bad the whole driver side door was crashed in but it still shut all the way and locked. So I told Daniel let's go on anyways. We were just getting on the interstate when my parents called. They were more worried about Daniel then they were about me, not really but they didn't know how his family would react. People use to sue whoever the owner of the car was no matter who was driving. They didn't know if that would happen. They still sue over crazy things today. I told them it was just a little dent and everything else was okay when we got back from our trip I would call the insurance company back and we would see what needed to be done. As I was talking Daniel was saying little dent my butt, it's the whole door. I wasn't about to let a little dent hurt us going out of town for some fun. We got to Nashville and I met Jennifer and Marc and we headed to Arkansas for a few days. We had a great time driving back roads through the resort that that they were still developing, playing golf and games with Sarah, Jennifer and Marc.

We had to be back so Daniel could be a rehearsal and I had to work on Friday night. So we left late Thursday afternoon from where we were staying and were going to drive all night to get back in town by Friday morning so we could rest before the night got crazy. We stopped a couple different times when we would spy a firetruck or such and take pictures. We hit Memphis and decided to stop for supper on Beale Street, famous for Bar-Q and Blues music. We parked  my car in the garage at the Peabody hotel and went in search for food. We hit several places and ate lots of food and had several drinks. When we got back to the car we sat there for awhile to make sure we were okay to drive. We had stopped drinking long before we knew we would leave. After a little while we decided to get back on the road. Well by that point we were getting sleepy and thought we should probably stop and spend the night somewhere. Well if you have ever been on interstate 40 after Jackson there aren't many place to stay. Daniel remember that his fraternity brother Rusty was from down that way and called to see if he was around and if we could crash with him at his parents house for the rest of the night. He said he was actually out of town but his parents wouldn't care for us to drop in and stay. Mr and Mrs. Chiclutt were lifesavers that night. They told us sure thing but the only bed they had was a twin size bed. Well we took it and got little sleep, hello us two sleeping on a twin size bed super duper close, good thing I am small. But it worked and we got some sleep maybe a couple of hours because we left as the sun was coming up. I had to be back at work by 3 that afternoon and we still had at least a four hour drive home. We made back to my apartment long enough for me to change and pull in at work at 3 clock on the dot. Daniel had to be in Smithville for the night and then I would meet back up with him for the wedding. I was about to meet family and friends for the first time. It was a gorgeous wedding. The first of many that Daniel and I would attend together. 

We went to another wedding during the summer but it was in Michigan for his cousin Eliza, Frank and Sue's daughter and Jon the groom to be. We were suppose to ride with Dylan, Latonya, and Joe in Dylan's tracker but it tore up and so I said we could drive my car, my parents didn't know about that trip. We went to the wedding it was during the morning. We had time to kill before an afternoon relaxing party at the couple's house. While we were killing time,  Dylan wanted to go the casino but Latonya wasn't 21 yet so we decided to go across the border into Canada, before you had to have a passport to cross, for a couple of hours to have some fun. In Canada you could gamble at the age of 18. Well we had to stop in customs so they could check our id's and see what our plans were while in Canada. I was freaking out a little because I had needles and pump supplies all in my car because of my diabetes, I don't go no where with out it and wasn't sure how they would react. We were cleared to go and enjoy ourselves. We were only going to be there for a hour or so. So Daniel and I put $10 a piece together and got tome coins for the slots. We won (no more than 50) and lost it all but really we only started with $20 so that was all we lost. We had a great time. We also stopped and played around of put put golf before going back to Frank and Sue's house to crash for the night. We were meeting Bob and Denise at her parents (Mr and Mrs Dupius) house for breakfast before heading back to Tennessee. A quick weekend trip up and back. This time my car stayed intact, thankfully.

These times all happened during the first few months of us dating during the summer  with lucky not a lot was going on. What a fun time already. Next up, enter a new semester of college for me at Vol State, my grades had slipped while at TECH  and Daniel going to EMT school. Daniel didn't sign up for any fall courses because he thought he would get hired on the Cookeville Fire Department back in the Spring. He had been a Volunteer with the county for several years. But wanted to quit college and start a career with the Fire service as a fireman. Well he didn't get hired from this list. And wasn't sure what he was going to to do. So on the advice of others on the county department he started EMT school. Let me just say this was a trying time during our dating time. I was driving to Livingston every day and one night during the week for class as well as work at GoTen. Daniel was mowing and doing leaves while working at BP, going on Fire calls and going to EMT class at night time. So during this they would have study times together and often time they would turn into hanging out or party times. So a very stressful time on a new relationship. I finally told Daniel I felt like I was put on the back burner to his study times. If that was the case then I would find something else to do. This really bother me more have having cooked supper and he didn't even show up. During this time Daniel had put an application in Murfreesboro for the Fire Department, they were hiring several men and women. Daniel got a call back to go take a written test and then agility test to see if he placed high enough on the list for a an interview. Well Daniel did get hired. But he turned it down because he didn't think it would work our with EMT school and he didn't want to throw his hard work out the window. After he hung up the phone I was like what did you just do. You have wanted that since I first meet you and you turn down a paid full-time position. After thinking about it he called back and told them he had made a a mistake and if it was to late. They told him it was. Ugh. Well a couple days later a friend Jim had got offered one of the positions too but turned it down because it wouldn't be the best thing for his family. He had told them he knew daniel and that he wished he hadn't turned it down so quick.  Daniel called Murfreessboro back and talked with them and they decided to give him another shot. So Daniel started with Murfressboro Fire Department in December 2000. During this he had still lived at the Fraternity house when he wasn't at my apartment. So he was going to have to move out by the new year since he was no longer a student. We started talking about moving in together because I was already living by myself and we were practically together all the time anyways. We were buying grocery's for the both places, sleeping at both places, with him in Mufreesboro I was taking care of his dog Buford so it made since. I was like okay lets do this. Daniel was like wait we have to okay this with your parents before I even look at places. Okay I will talk to them. I kind of mentioned to my Mom they we were talking about it and all she said was you have to ask you Dad. We went to see my parents for supper after church one Sunday in December and I said, Daniel and I are thinking of getting an apartment together since he has to move out of the Fraternity house in January and we are together all the time. It just makes since money wise. You could hear a pin drop it was so quite. Finally my dad looked up from his plate and said sounds good to me when are you moving? My mom and Jimmy were like, What!?!? See my brother had moved in with his first wife and was in the process of a divorce and mom and dad gave him a hard way to go about them moving in together. And here nothing was really being said negativity. When questioned why, my dad said it was better for me to have Daniel as a roommate than to be by myself. He had kept quite about his little girl living alone in apartment with no one and had worried every night, I might have a insulin reaction or someone would break in. Now he wouldn't worry so much. So the hunt was on for an apartment, that we could have a dog, store his lawn equipment, more than one bedroom and didn't cost an arm and leg. Which isn't the easiest thing to do.

One of the girls I worked with, Charlene, at GoTen told me the apartment beside her and her mom was open and offered everything we needed and was ready to move into. We looked into and moved in January. Also during this time I had to quit my job at GoTen because me and several others at work did not agree with how our manger Julie had handled a situation involving another employee. And because we spoke up she fired us the whole staff during a Friday night busy shift and then hired us back when she realize what she had done. She was know to loose her control and start cussing us in Japanese when she got mad. When she was happy she was great to work for but mad, watch out. So we all quit that night. So now it's the holidays, I'm out of work , Daniel and I are moving into an new apartment and I'm look for a job. Can you say stressed!!! But come January, Charlene had heard through another friend a new restaurant was coming to downtown Cookeville and was looking to hire staff. We all went in together and got hired on the spot. And was to start a few weeks into January. They wanted Crawdaddy's to be the place to be in Cookeville. And it was and has been since. Still yummy food after all these years. So I was starting a new job, Daniel had started his new job and was working 24 hour shifts and off 48, I had college and we moved into our new apartment. Life was going Great! 

Daniel and I had grown very close. He was my best friend! We would sit up all night on the couch and talk about our lives growing up, things we wanted out of life, where we saw ourselves, family and anything you can think of. If he was home and I wasn't working we went every where together. I rode in the county firetrucks every time he would go on a call, no matter the time or the call.  If we wern't in the fire truck we were racing through townin his gray ford or my red grand dam. I can remember going on a structure fire call and being asked if I was a certain girl that Daniel had dated right before me and then telling the guy nope, I'm Kim. It was kind of funny to watch that guy squirm. Another call we went on was at Crazy George Bridge here in Cookeville, going up Buck Mountain from Algood, a couple of teens had sent a fire in the middle of the bridge to see if the ledge was true and instead got the cops called on them and the fire department to put it out. The cop told them they should have to take us out to breakfast for getting us out of bed for them being dumb. They had to apologize, too. So funny.  I went to training and watched these guys work as a team. They all became like brothers to me. The Fire department is truly a brotherhood and family. 

Daniel and I was living as if we were married and we had talked about one day on more than one occasion. We knew how the other one felt and what they wanted out of a marriage. We really got talking about marriage and if we were ready for it. We loved each other a lot but could we make it. that sort of thing. Well I didn't know this but Daniel had asked my Mom on one of my trips to Nashville, before all this with stepping down from teaching, to see my diabetic doctor what kind of insurance was the best for a diabetic. She told him to make sure in was in for the long haul because caring for me wasn't cheap. My parents paid thousands a year keep me healthy and alive. Diabetes isn't cheep. So the gear were already working towards us getting engaged. So much so that Daniel had even talked to my dad and had asked his permission to marry me. My Dad told he are you sure, she can be a spitfire. Thanks dad!  So on March 26th Daniel went and test drove a new truck. While he was out driving this truck he asked the guy if they could stop by the jewelery store so he could pick up a ring. The guy said she'd really say yes if you show up with a new truck and a ring. I was work and had no clue this was going on. When I got home I came in a changed into comfy clothes and sat on the couch. I then asked Daniel what he wanted for supper and he said I think we will go out to eat, well okay sounds good to me. So then he asked were your serious the other day when were talking and you said you would marry me when I got you a ring. I was keep say yes, I was serious. I think Daniel asked 3 or 4 times and finally I was like dummy I told you I would marry you when you got down on one knee. When I turned around to see what he was doing, he had been in the kitchen, he was standing beside me and then proceeded to drop to one knee with a opened jewelery box in his hands. I was like really (exciting voice). Daniel then said, Kim will you become my wife. I screamed YES as he put the ring on my finger and gave me a kiss. Oh and no he didn't buy the truck.  We had just become engaged. The talk had become real. Life was Great!!! I was going to marry the man of my dreams. I was one lucky girl!!!

........Told you it was long.......

~hugs and prayers~

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