Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have been Crafty

So it's been for ever since I have blogged. It's just been a little crazy around this house between birthday's , Holidays,  and life. But I have found time to be crafty, which I Love to do. So this is a post on the things I have made the last couple months. Hope you enjoy.

Only thing I made with this costume  of Amos was the hat.

Nothing made in this costume of Carter

Same with Isaiah's. And all Super hero's wear fire boots right?

Laura Mae spider costume I add the legs to a black jacket thanks to kids black socks.

Here is a view from the back.

for our friend Lori's baby Esther, a snuggle bunny
a bunny gift bag made from a tshirt

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Laura Mae's skirt for Thanksgiving
Laura Mae's turkey shirt

Necklaces made from a tshirt

another tshirt necklace

Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus ornaments for school teacher gifts

Laura Mae's birthday outfit, painted the UNO shirt and made the skirt

2nd pair of pants I have ever made. The first one's I made form one of Daniel's tshirt

Ribbon Christmas shirt

outfit put together

This is what happens when a Mom can't find her children's ornaments for the year, yup she makes them

Our nativity's we made for Sunday School teachers and Family
It's hard to blog when you are not sitting at the computer :) But when things chill out a little around here I will be back to blogging. So in case I'm not, I pray you all find hope in Jesus this Christmas season and for the New Year. Merry Christmas to you All!