Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Canning Sauerkraut in a Jar


This is so easy that you think what step did I leave out. I always think what else do I have to do, I know I forgot something but no, it's just that easy. I say easy but it is time consuming because of all the chopping that goes into it. But it is so worth it come winter time. Our family Loves it.
This recipe has been passed onto me through my Mom from her grandmother Addie Carter and also from my Dad's mother Ella Mae. These women knew how to can food. I am carrying the tradition on to my kids. 
You don't need any special equipment for this. 
All you need is some 
cabbage heads, 
a good knife or old tin can for chopping,
cutting board
BIG bowl for the chopped cabbage
a Big pot of water
Salt~ not iodized 
clean pint or quart jars
lids and rings
old towels
a calendar that has the  Zodiac Signs on it (more on this later)

So lets get started:
Start chopping with a knife, an old tin can, or a hand chopper
I prefer a knife
Now you can chop it how ever fine or coarse you want, I don't like it to fine
I did chop it smaller then this
Yes, Daniel helped chop
Put a big pot of water on to boil
After all the chopping start packing or pushing the cabbage into mason jars 
leave at least an 1/2 inch head room
Depending on the size of the jar 
1/2 teaspoon  to 1 teaspoon salt per pint
1 heaping tablespoon salt per quart
Once salt is added pour the boiling water into the jars
Remember to leave head room 
Get the air out with a knife or wooden spoon down the sides
Put the lid and ring on the jar, not to tight  and 
turn upside down for 10-15 minutes (this helps seals the lid) onto a towel
When you turn the jars right-side up cover them with more towels  
Keep a watch on them for a week and tighten the lids as you go
Also get ready to hear~ Pop, Pop, Pop this is normal 
25 quarts and 1 pint
How easy was that!
After a week store the Kraut in a Cool Dark place
( I usually put them back in the jar box and store them in my canning closet)
If light gets to the jars it could cause them to rot
Let set for at least a month 
and then Enjoy!

~Important Information~
I mentioned the zodiac signs earlier, this is important. Most people know to plant their garden in the correct sign or moon phase but it's also important to make Kraut in the correct sign. Why, you ask? Because canning it during the wrong signs~ guts, bowels,secreats~ can cause your Kraut to Rot. All that chopping goes down the drain. So just look at a farmers almanac or calendar that has the signs on it. It's worth the time. So when is the BEST sign~ the Head, some say the feet too, as long as it's as far away from the guts, bowels,secreats you should be okay. The next important thing and this is for the ladies, Do Not make Kraut when its your menstrual cycle. Why? Same reason for checking the signs, it will Rot. These may be Ole Wise Tales but they have been passed through my family for years and trust me we have eaten good over the years. So why chance it.
So remember the BEST time to can is when the sign is in the upper part of body, the Head the furthest from the guts