Sunday, July 27, 2014

Homemade Dill Pickles

Homemade Dill Pickles

Growing up my mom made pickles and they were often on the table for any meal we were eating or family gatherings. The only bad thing about this was the fact they were sweet pickles, ugh. I know, I know, I am probably the only person that doesn't like sweet pickles or bread and butter. I don't know why I just don't. When I started to learn to can and make stuff with our garden goodies. I called Daniel's mom who happened to have a great and easy recipe for Dill Pickles. Daniel grew up making these with his mom and often times friends (Allen) of his that happened to be at his house. So when I called her and asked for her recipe she was more than glad to pass this onto me. She has said it's great to know I can pass the torch to someone else. The first time I made them, I thought that was to easy and I surly got the recipe wrong. I also prayed they turned out as good as Daniel remembered his moms. The pressure was on. I've been making this recipe for the last several years and each batch, I can honestly say, has turned out good. I do only make pickles every other year sometimes two. And they still taste as good as they did when I first made them. Enjoy this quick and easy recipe.

Dill Pickles

garlic cloves
dill- fresh (seed pod)
1/2 cup salt
4 cups of white vinegar
8 cups of water
small/medium whole cucumbers
7 quart wide mouth canning jars, lids and rings

Put cucumbers into jars, do not cut, add dill and 1 garlic clove to each jar and put aside
In a sauce pan bring salt, water and vinegar to a boil. Remove from heat and pour into jars. Add the lid and ring and put on a towel to sit and cool off before storage.
Let them sit up to 1 month before you eat them.

Yes it's that easy and you don't need any special equipment. Or worry about canning in a pressure cooker or water bath.

* If you have a hard time finding fresh dill you can substitute dill seed and dill weed from the spice section of your grocery. Read the side for the equivalent amount to fresh.*

This year we were on a family trip when our cucumbers starting to come in. So needless to say we didn't have small or medium cucumbers where I could make the above recipe. I called Jennifer and asked if you could  cut- slices or spears- and still make them with them turning out good. She said she never had luck. So I thought all was lost. Then I remembered that Daniel's stepmom Denise makes refrigerator dill pickles. So I called her. She told me to go to the store and purchase Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle pouches and use them. You can can them whole, make spears or slices and they would turn out good.  This is how she usually makes her dill pickles. So off to the store to find some. Using this recipe you need to put them in a water bath for storage and later use. But Denise doesn't always, she usually makes some and puts them straight in the refrigerator and they are ready to eat in a couple days. We've already ate a couple of jars. So don't let those big cucumbers go to waste make some spears and slices to enjoy. Just read the back of the package for the directions, all you need is cucumbers, jars, and vinegar, water bath canner and the Mrs. Wages season pouch.
made with Mrs. Wages dill pickle season pouch