Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Love Story Part 1

....The Meeting....

I was working at GoTen, a Japanese restaurant here in Cookeville, and got off work early on a Thursday night in the Spring of 2000. My roommate at the time Emily was working at Chilli's and I went by to see her and grab a quick bite to eat. When I walked in the restaurant there were several guys waiting to be seated. I knew a couple of the guys, Rusty, Tevis, and Basham from having classes with them at TECH, so I stopped and said hello. They asked me to join them and I was like ummm no thanks. Really how would that look, me being the only girl sitting with at least 10 guys. After a few minutes they were like come on its better than sitting by yourself. So I gave in and sat down with them, little did I know. Emily stopped by our table and we talked about where and what we were doing when she got off work. And of course the guys gave their opinions too. During the course of the meal I pulled my insulin pump out and gave some insulin to cover my meal. Several guys asked what it was and if I was diabetic. So then I explained yes and what I was doing. After the meal, Emily was still going to be at work for awhile but would meet me at the apartment and then we were going out to Cotten Eye Joe's, a local bar, for the night. I was walking outside when this gray ford truck with the words, Gone Fishing and Jesus fishes on each side, pulled up and the driver whose name is Snyder  asked me if we would be at the Joe later, of course I said yes. All the guys were like we will see you there, ummm okay. So Emily, her boyfriend at the time, and me meet up with several of the guys later at the Joe for some drinks and to dance the night away. I wasn't ready to date anyone after being in a long high school relationship that didn't end well and another break up with a guy after a few months. And Snyder wasn't looking for anything serious either. He had just got out of a relationship before this too.  So each week Emily, her boyfriend and Emily's sister Amanda, who was a friend of mine too and other friends would meet up for several weeks. Snyder and I talked off and on as friends. Well Amanda keeping asking me who Snyder was and I told her I didn't really know him except through friends but I would introduce them. Well Amanda was dating a guy on and off at the time who was a jerk, as of this night they were off. So being the friend I am I introduce them to keep her from the jerk. So they hit it off and went out a couple different times. Some of the times they would go eat, I would get a phone call to join them and usually did. We were all friends. This probably went on for a couple weeks of them going out. Then Amanda would be like Kim, you just go, I don't feel like going to eat after we were suppose to to be meeting him. So I talked to Emily and was like your sister has been bailing on Snyder here lately, she felt the same way. Well to come to find out she was also seeing the jerk without any of  us knowing. So Emily and I invited Snyder over to tell him. We both thought he is to nice of a guy to not know what was going on. After Snyder left, Emily was like Kim I think you should date him. You need a good guy to go out with and have fun. I had been talking to my Ex off and on the last few months and Emily as well as my family weren't to happy about it. I had actually been reconsidering to date him again and get serious. So when Emily suggested I should date Snyder,  I was like ummm hello he was kind of seeing your sister and she was said yeah but not really. So I said we'll see. Snyder and I hung out and talked a lot and I was still talking on and off with the Ex but the more I hung out with Snyder the more I wanted to get to know him better. Snyder was working for Brown's BP gas station at the time and often worked nights and Saturday mornings. I would sometimes bring him something to eat. One night when Snyder was working I told him I would cook and bring him meal because I had the night off. And friends do nice things for each other. Well my Ex showed up that night out of the blue, in the last week I had told him we were over, he had come to pick up some stuff he had left at my apartment. And because I am who I am I offered him supper before he left with his stuff. He had come to talk and try and win me back. When he wanted seconds to eat I was like um, No. So I told him I have to take supper to my friend who is working, I didn't tell him it was a guy friend, oops. So I packed the food up and we went to get in my car. Well we pulled up at the gas station and my Ex figured out quick this was a guy friend and not a girl. Snyder didn't know my Ex was coming with me and came to the car. I turned to my Ex who had held the food on the drive across town to get the plate for Snyder. You could tell they were sizing each other up, kind of funny at the moment and even now years later. After I dropped the food off I went back to my apartment and told my Ex that it was over and maybe one day we could be friends but that as of now all communication was done, no more calls, visits or anything. I couldn't keep going back and forth with him. I was tired of not being cared for and I deserved to be happy. He wished me well. I think it took seeing Snyder and the Ex together to show me what needed to be done. The Ex didn't even take his stuff, mainly a stereo system(which we still have outside in our garage). Later when Snyder got off work, he called or I called and I said to him I need to talk and for him to come over. Lucky for me he came, I was kind of worried he wouldn't. So when he knocked on my door, I was very happy. I told him it was very much over with the Ex and I wanted to get to know him better. I think we talked all night. The start of a great love story.............

~hugs and prayers~ 

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