Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Trip 2013

Bayse, VA to the Real DC

Our Family Big Family Trip for 2013

We loaded up the suburban with our clothes, food, drinks, kids, us and my mom and headed on our surprise family trip  for a week of family fun. So glad my mom got to go with us. I say a surprise trip because we don't usually tell the kids where we are going just that we are going somewhere for a certain amount of time. It drives them batty but it is so worth it for the looks of happiness on their faces.
On Monday we spent time visiting with my Mom's best friend, Mary Jane at the Udvar-Hazy Center that is a part of the Smithson, it houses the extra stuff from Air and Space Museum. Tuesday was a  full day in DC touring All the sites.We surprised the kids with a trip to Washington DC. They didn't have a clue where we were going until they walked out of Union Station to catch a double decker bus tour. They kept asking, "Is this the real DC?!?!?!"  It was so worth the planning for a day of fun! The rest of the trip we stayed close to where we were staying in Bayse, VA.  Wednesday we stayed around the resort for a day of swimming and canoeing. Thursday we went to the Shenandoah Caverns where the walls looked like bacon afterwards we saw some old parade floats that were used in the Presidential Inaugural Parades. Also on Thursday we toured the Route 11 Potato Chip factory where we got to sample the chips, all for free. Friday was a day of rest. Saturday we celebrated Isaiah turning 4 with a Scooby-Doo cake, I hand drew using a butter knife, topped off with swimming and hot dog supper. Then Sunday we traveled back on with a stop in Bristol,Tn so Daniel could see the Speedway for Father's Day. 
 June 2013

Rest stop in Virgina for a picnic lunch

So cool to see the space shuttle Discovery up close

Mary Jane and Starr, best friends since they were kids

the Metro heading into DC

Still no clue we are in DC, about to walk out of Union Station

Our reflection in the Vietnam Wall

Going in to see the sites from the old Clock Tower

Our transportation in DC. Worth the time and money

Amelia Earhart plane

outside of Air and Space

View from our room

Bacon in the cave

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more bacon

one of the many floats

Daniel, Amos, and Carter canoeing. I took this picture from the deck of our room. Thank goodness fro zoom.

Barns were like this every where we looked.

Gorgeous old churches

Isaiah's birthday cake

total miles of this trip of Fun


  1. Loved the cake! You have some talent, girl!

    1. Thank you Vivian. I love making cakes for my family and friends. Its fun for me. The best part is seeing their faces during the process.