Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Morning God

Start of the day

What is the first thing you do as that alarm goes off in the morning? For me it's usually telling Daniel to shut it off as he hits the snooze button multiple times. Then finally I usually say, "Daniel it's time for you to get up." sometimes in a nice way and sometimes not so nice, "I'm ready to throw the phone out the window." Depending on how I sleep depends on my reaction. We both like to sleep because we stay up late and get up early. We are up early getting kids to school on time and Daniel to get either to the fire department or to go mowing. We stay up late because sometimes that's the only alone time we have together, to ourselves, to watch a certain TV show, Daniel to study for test, me reading a book, up and down with kids, playing catchup on bible school lessons, or bible studies and the list could go on and on. But come the next morning we are dragging because of the lack of sleep, not always but most times. I know people are always saying get up early in the morning and have your alone/quite time with God. And I really, really want to do that but I just don't.  In this time or season of my life my alone/quite time just doesn't work out for me in the early morning and I use to beat myself up because of it. I don't now because to me what the important part is, is not the time of day completely, its taking the time to just do it. So I have found myself as I go through this study and read What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, starting my day with a prayer, more than I have in the past, before I even lift my head from the pillow. It is a great way to start my day. It even tides me over until I can sit later in the day for my alone/quite time. Some mornings the prayer is long and sometimes short. 

Here is a sample of what I will say......
Lord, Good morning. Thank you for a peaceful night of sleep. And a good start to my morning. Lord, you know what today is going to be like and you know the path I will choose. I just pray that I listen to you as I walk today. I ask you to watch over my children at school and that they be a blessing to each person they come in contact with. I pray for Daniels safety as he does his job today. I ask for my head, my heart and my ears to be clear of the jumbled stuff that keeps me from you and that I listen for your voice in the direction I take for the day. I pray that I say Yes Lord as you call on me today. Lord, you know, there are more times than not I truly would like to slap some people or lose my cool. Lord I ask for help to keep it together and strength for control of my actions. You also know I need to keep my thoughts good and not let negative things bring me down.  I pray that I am your blessing to someone who needs you the most. I pray that you use our family as shining lights  and that others will want to know you through our actions.  I want to accept what ever is thrown my way today Lord to help build your kingdom. I want my palms up, for whatever you ask of me, so I can be amazed with your strength and I'm going to stick with it because you love me and have my back. I love you Jesus name......Amen
Or it could be as simple as....

Lord, Good Morning. I love you. And I need your strength for what lays ahead. 
in Jesus name... Amen

Like I said somedays are different in what I may say but I always ask for his strength to say Yes to the tasks ahead. I have found if I at least start my day with, "Good Morning, Lord", I have more energy for the day. Also what helps me to is not just starting my day with a prayer to God but to end my day with a prayer. I try to recap what the day has held and where I've seen God or how He has used me. And tell Him, 

"Good night, thank you and I love you." in Jesus name.....Amen

This has helped with a peaceful night of  sleep. 

Don't think I have it all together because trust me nothing is further from the truth but I am TRYING each day to live a life of Yes God Use Me Today. Somedays are much better than others.

hugs and prayers ~KMS


  1. Awesome! I have some of my best prayer time in the morning. And when you consistently MAKE the time to have God be the priority in the morning, that is an INVESTMENT that will pay dividends for years and years to come. So I applaud your efforts to #stickwithit!! =) ~Steph (OBS Team Leader)

  2. That's my "Yes Gal"!! We have busy lives to try and fit it all in and small prayers are better than none. I am so proud of you saying Yes to God with #palmsup, #saywhat thinking at times and now your dedication to #StickWithit!! Thanks for sharing your heart and faith~
    Love n hugs, Cindy (Your OBS Small Group Leader)

  3. Loved it girl! Starting the day with even the simplest thought focus on God is "getting up on the right side of the bed" LOL :)