Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still Counting

So yes I am a slacker. I have failed behind once again with my Joy Dare. I printed it and like in the past other papers got put on top. And then I forgot. Or I would remember right before and be like I will do that first thing in the morning. And guess what I'd forget again. Does it mean because I am not actually following a list I'm not still counting my blessings.?.? No, I've just been saying Thank you as the day goes on. Have a done it every day  without a list to check off, probably not. Does the list help give me a starting point, yes. So I am human and not always the best. But that is the Great thing about living my life for Christ, he still loves me through everything. Even when I'm being a brat. Does God get mad at me for not following a list of Thanksgiving, that he didn't write in the Bible to a tee? Heck, No. What he truly wants is for me to talk to him, tell others about him and live my life for him. Am I doing that, some days are better than others. Has this list help me stop and think of new ways to say, Thank him, Yes. So do I go back to the being of Septembers list and start there or do I just pick up on today. Or does it matter if I start with a combination of the days I missed. See that's the cool thing about this Joy Dare, I can do it how it works for my life. Because it's truly about just saying, Thanks You God for all the blessings in my life; little and big. I can say that where I haven't been looking at this list of Gifts, life has seemed a lot more crazy and out of control. So to me this list of Gifts is another tool in my life to help me stay connected to God. And that is a Great thing. So I will continue to add to the list one day at a time because God has Blessed me with so much more than stuff.

Day 32 ~3 Something Cut: the lawn that Daniel mows that gives life to the yard, the wrapping paper I cut for a friends gift, the hair I cut off to give to Locks of Love for a child's wig
Day 33 ~  4 Gifts of Autumn: a pot of chilli to feed friends and family, birthdays to celebrate life, cooler evenings, football
Day 34 ~ 3 Gifts framed: Our marriage certificate, pictures of family no longer here, the addition we put on the house
Day 35 ~ 3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful: the scars from csections for healthy babies, the bruises that remind me that even in the fight something good can come out of it, the removing the stuff from life that hinders me from the beauty of God
Day 36 ~ 3 Gifts Growing: Amos, Carter, Isaiah- growing in their faith, Laura Mae holding her bottle and feeding herself, My mom, Jimmy and Me has we figure life with out my Dad
Day 37 ~ 3 Gifts Shared: laughter with friends, the struggles of life, and a spot on the front porch swing
Day 38 ~ 3 Gifts Given : The life God has given me, Family, tools to help me through this life

So today that's my list of Gifts from God. Are these the only things of the day I have been given? No, just a staring point of my day or days. It truly is in the little things. 

hugs and prayers~ KMS

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