Monday, September 3, 2012

End of August

Day 21 ~ A Gift Straight, Curve, Turn : God's promise- In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.( Proverbs 3:6), Curve- the roads of life I usually take, Turn- when I remember I really do need God in EVERYTHING
Day 22 ~ 3 Gifts in Light: Sunshine in the midst of rain, the night light for kids, Jesus
Day 23 ~ 3 Gifts of Old: pictures that bring back memories, a pair of my Dad's army pants, Grandparents
Day 24 ~ 3 Gifts of Moving: my van that takes us where we need to go, figuring out how to move on without my Dad, the lawnmower that gives Daniel another job
Day 25 ~ 3 Gifts Fragile: my heart that is full of mixed emotions, my Granny Farless' china- my dad bought for her, my Faith at times- I know what I should do but don't always do
Day 26 ~ 3 Gifts Cut, Sewn, Buttoned: the trees my Dad cut for a living, the curtains my Mom made for me when I was little, the pants I have to wear
Day 27 ~ 3 Gifts New: Bible Studies that will challenge me, Friends God has put in my life, a New day of trying to get it right
Day 28 ~ 3 Gifts Long Awaited: peace for my Dad with no more hurting, a daughter to hold, the start of school again for Daniel
Day 29 ~ A Gift One, Two, Three: my One little girl, Laura Mae- who became my blessing in a hard time, the Two bikes Amos and Carter rode to school this morning, my Three boys- Amos, Carter and Isaiah- who are full of life
Day 30 ~ 3 Gifts Very Small: a pair of jumper cables to start my van, a phone call from a friend, a hug when needed
Day 31 ~ 3 Miracles: not having Laura Mae on the side of the road and making it to the hospital in the nick of time, having Carter 6 weeks early and still healthy, Amos and how God is still letting his eye work 

The Joy of counting my blessings from God. Yes this life is not about stuff but Living for God. I pray that this "stuff" is helping me and my family do his will in everything. I pray that we use what God has given to us for his glory. 
Keeping a track of his Blessings has shown me that God is truly in the little things as well as the big. This past month (August) I have found some peace in a emotion filled head. It has made me stop and see the good in my day. And that true JOY is in God. I can't wait to see how God can use my list of Blessings for his will.

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