Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Some Mud

Labor Day

So this Labor Day weekend, I dropped Amos and Carter off with Daniel's Dad and Stepmom on Friday night for cousin fun and then went and dropped Isaiah and Laura Mae off with my Mom. I also had supper with my Mom, Grandmother, and Aunt. So my house was super quite Friday night with no kids and Daniel at the Fire hall. Saturday morning was a day of fun. Daniel along with a 4 other guys from the Fire Dept. signed up to do a Mud Run for Habitat Humanity at Cane Creek Park. A Mud Run is a type of 5K with obstacles course mixed in. Running up and down hills, through the woods, climb rope walls,get sprayed by a fire hose, climb over walls, run through tires, swim in the pond, crawl under rope, water slides, dive into a mud pit, a ring of Fire and climb over rolls of hay bales all before crossing the finishing line. A fun time for all involved as well as the ones sitting by and watching. The boys were back in time to cheer on their Dad. My Mom kept Isaiah and Laura Mae at home during the race. Isaiah would have wanted to play in the mud :)
This would be the second Mud Run Daniel as done this year. His first one was back in June to help raise money for United Way of Bedford County at the Tennessee Fire and Codes Enforcement Academy, also a portion of the proceeds went back to help Fallen Firefighters too. This run Daniel was joined by his sister, Sarah and her husband, Randy. I think it's more fun when done with friends and family.  So here are some pictures from both runs. Enjoy!

Fire Medic Mudslingers

Daniel and Me
Praying before the Race, Love this!


Fire Medic Mudslingers came in 14th place out of 150 teams. Not Bad guys.

the Cheering crew is ready for lunch
Randy, Daniel, and Sarah before the race June 9th

a little brother sister competition 

 We are looking forward to more races. The boys can't wait until they are old enough to run these races with their Dad. And I can't wait to cheer them on!

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  1. I love that "sibling love" shot! Hilarious!
    I'd be dead before I ran up the first hill...Way to go Daniel!