Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day of Flowers

Day 17 ~ 3 Gifts in the morning: coffee made by Amos this morning, friends you come over to help fix something that is broken, Flower arrangement for my Dad's grave made by me
Day 18 ~ 3 Gift Red, Read, Written:  Red~ Red roses I put in a log for my Dad's grave today, Read~ Verses of the Bible to inspire me, Written~ this Joy Dare- making me think of more than 3 things God has given me- all the Blessing and learning
Day 19 ~  3 Gifts in Church: Tom and Pat Brown- holding my babies each week of theirs lives and being Wonderful Godparents to them, growing up hearing my Dad lead the singing, Friends at church that have become our family
Day 20~ 3 Gifts in Serving: my family packing food in backpacks for kids at school who only get food during the week while at school, pulling things out of my closet for women who may use it, projects that we can do as a family for others

This weekend was a emotional roller-coaster for my family. We went to decoration at Crain Hill where my Daddy was buried this past December 14, 2011. Several of his family- parents, his grandparents, aunts and uncles- is buried there also. It was hard trying to figure out what to do- flowers, yes or no and then what kind. So many questions that you never seem to be ready to answer. I wanted what ever I did to represent my Daddy and not just something to just put there. While D and I talked about what to do, I told him I wanted to use a log of some sort. My Daddy was a logger his whole life and Loved being in the woods cutting trees. D said he would drill holes into a cedar log we had here at the house and we could add flowers to it that a way. Perfect combing two things my Daddy loved logs and using cedar to whittle. So I added some red and white roses into a log "vase" to put onto my Daddy's grave. making this arrangement gave me lots of emotions and peace too.

The cool thing about cedar logs are they don't rotten. They stand up through lots of stuff. Kind of like my Daddy, strong. So to me that was a perfect fit. Not only did I make a n arrangement for my Daddy but also for my grandparents, Thurman and Ella along with my grandmothers parents. I can remember my granny E telling me she was afraid when she went to heaven that no one would put flowers on her parents grave. So I guess I took that banner up. I believe it's important to remember the ones that have went on before us and tell their story too. And even put flowers on their grave as a honor thing even if they will fade.

It was really hard to be around my Daddy's side of the family without him. I don't see them that often. But I want my kids to know them. I want them to be able to tell my kids stories of my Daddy when he was younger. And it was a good thing to have them there for support. We were all missing my Daddy. He was a Loved man.

 Psalms 74:5 A man was famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees.
This verse reminds me of my Daddy. Lifting an axe upon a tree. Love you Daddy and you are missed with every breath that I take.
                                              hugs and prayers~ KMS


  1. What a beautiful arrangement.
    I teared up a little reading it and I didn't even know your father.
    I know how hard that must be for you--and I pray for ongoing peace and healing. You and Daniel are setting such a precious example for your children.