Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our God is Alive


I love Easter! The reason behind the celebration, knowing that I am as well as the whole world is Loved by a Wonderful God.  That Jesus died for my sins so that I may live forever with him. How awesome is that. Our tradition is to start Good Friday with Resurrection rolls and read the Easter story from the bible. Then we have a weekend full of family and friends. Egg hunts, Sunrise service, church and family meals all wrapped with the the love that God has for us. So here are some pictures from our God filled weekend.


egg filled games

 Isaiah looking for blue eggs only

on the hunt for the Big egg

Isaiah got a few other colors and Laura Mae did pretty good

Found the Big egg. A great way to end hunting eggs with the younger kids. Next year it's onto the big kid egg hunt at night with flashlights.

cupcakes fro the farm

Carter and I made colorful deviled eggs

Easter basket
hunting eggs at the farm

checking to see what numbers are on the eggs.

Depending on the number on the egg depends what activity you have to do for a prize or some pocket change..... say a bible verse, hug an Aunt, count to 100 and so on.....

Pulled out my Granny Farless, Ella Mae's china. My daddy bought this along with the china cabinet for his mom. She passed it onto me as a wedding gift in2001. This is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time I have eaten off them.
The beatuiful sunset from the Farm. Our God is a Alive!

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