Wednesday, January 2, 2013

White Vinegar

If you are close to me you know I go through white vinegar like it's going out of style. Just a few ways I use it: making pickles- sweet and dill, homemade salsa, cleaning my counter tops in the kitchen and bath, cleaning the sinks along with baking soda, a splash or two in the dishwasher, as a fabric softener, and as a floor cleaner so pretty much Everywhere. These are only a few ways to use it. But the one I want to let you know about that you might not know is using it to get rid of red colored stains in clothes. If you have kids you know they will at some point get something red to drink and then spill it everywhere or all over a their clothes. So I am going to tell you what I do when this happens. Thanks to my momma for teaching me about it a few years ago after Carter spilled red KOOL-AID onto his new khaki shorts. This was one upset momma. A few days after this mishap I was talking to my momma about it and she came to the rescue. She told me to get a bowl that was big enough to put the shorts into and then pour white vinegar over them and let them soak at least overnight and then wash as normal. Yes I was doubtful of it working but I thought what the heck what could I lose. So the next day boy was I surprised, the shorts that once had been red, as red could be, were now back to the original khaki color. Sorry no pictures from that time. So I was sold on the idea. This has come back to help over the years in a house with four kids. And the last time it happened I took pictures to show you that it really does work. 

Thanks to Isaiah for sharing his red drink with Laura Mae

Soaking in vinegar

Front of shirt after being washed


back of bib

front of bib

You could never tell that the bib and shirt was a pinky red before. Hope it works for you if you give it as try. And please let me know if you do. Happy Cleaning!

Disclaimer: It has worked for me more than once but as with anything it might not the next time. And no I don't know if it will work on all kinds of fabrics.


  1. This is awesome and so convenient. Nick accidentally spilled water on our Christmas stockings, and the red stocking bled all over my beautiful green one! I soaked it in water, but couldn't get it all out. You betcha i'm going to try this RIGHT now!